Presentation at SSA

This morning, I am presenting my first-ever talk at a professional conference!  This week is the Society of Southwest Archivists annual meeting here in Austin, and I am giving a talk entitled “Web Archiving for University Records” on a panel about digital records in university archives.  I’m a little nervous, but glad to be giving a presentation at a conference that everyone says is friendly and welcoming.  Plus it doesn’t hurt to have the home court advantage!

An interest in web archiving is something that I have fallen into somewhat by accident, but through several projects this past year, I had the chance to delve into it.  Working on this presentation was a great opportunity to synthesize some of my thinking about web archiving, and to realize how much more I have to learn about it.

I’ve posted the slides from my presentation, as well as some related links, here.  I’m looking forward to getting feedback after the talk, and I’d love to hear your thoughts here, as well.

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