About Me

I am a metadata and digital collections librarian. Currently, I work for the University of Texas at San Antonio as the Metadata Strategist, where I focus on metadata quality and resource discovery across systems and metadata formats. My previous positions include DPLA Metadata Aggregation Coordinator at Texas Digital Library and Digital Initiatives Metadata Librarian at the University of Miami Libraries. I graduated with my master’s in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2013, where my coursework focused on archives and records management, including both analog and digital records.

As a metadata specialist, I seek to create descriptions and discovery mechanisms that enable people to access information resources on their own terms and in the ways that are meaningful to them. Library users come to us with a variety of needs and backgrounds, and I hope to create descriptive records that meet them where they are. I also believe strongly in the power of archival records – their power to share stories, to create connections, and to help us know who we are.  I have discovered stories in archives that will stick with me for my whole life, and I am committed to helping other people discover and create their own archives stories.

I also have an MA in American history, focusing on LGBT history, as well as a BA in Archaeology, with an emphasis on American Indian archaeology, all subjects that are still near and dear to my heart.