Blog coming soon!

After several weeks of indecision, I’ve decided to jump into blogging.  I have been hesitant to commit to a blog, not knowing what I would write about or how often I can realistically commit to posting.  Lately, though, several topics have struck my interest, which I have wanted to explore more fully and share my thoughts on.  So that is what this blog will most likely be: a space for me to share ideas and opinions about projects I am working on, readings I have done, and current archival issues.  It will also be a valuable opportunity for me to try out a new form of writing – blogging after all is very different from writing an academic paper.  It will almost definitely be personal and somewhat idiosyncratic (and of course, the usual disclaimers apply that any views expressed are mine and mine alone), but I hope it will allow me to start participating in broader conversations around archives and cultural heritage.

I am excited to start this new project, and I look forward to sharing it with you!

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